Jaclyn Smith

Why Jaclyn Smith wasn't too pleased with the Charlie's Angels haircuts.

on Jul 29, 2008

What does it take to modernize a look?

Modernizing a look doesn't mean copying it. It means looking for the essence of it. What was this? Classic? Decide and then do your version of it, but to fit that person's face and hair texture. The look doesn't have to be exactly the same, just capture the essence of it, but still be right for the person. Texture will dictate the style.

What did you think of the haircuts?

They were truly disappointing. There were directions to go that they didn't take. They had me sitting there in front of them day after day so they could have done some takes on what I do with my hair now. I was disappointed, because they didn't go in new directions. They tried to copy it. Maybe some of the models had certain restraints, but they could have done more. There wasn't one middle part. Mine was classic, and I didn't see a modern version of that.

Do you have any final words for Glenn? Glenn is about the moment. She was truly an amazing stylist in every aspect of hair styling. It's the luck of the draw and that moment. It's sad, because the competition was not about her overall talent, it was about that particular moment, and it was hard to see an excellent stylist eliminated.