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Jonathan Antin

Stick to Your Guns

April 13, 2010 • 3:22 PM ET What did you think of the finale? You disagreed with Linda and the judges....
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F---ed Up Hair

March 23, 2010 • 2:04 PM ET The Shortcut Challenge was their first time working solely with African American hair. How do you think they did? To be a well-rounded stylist, you have to be able to do every hair type and work with every hair texture. Every stylist...
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Getting Into It

February 23, 2010 • 3:26 PM ET Let's talk a little about the Shortcut Challenge. Ken Paves was the guest judge and it was all about male extensions. What is your take on male extensions? I don't know if there's anything worse in the world or more painful to look at...
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Giacomo Was Scared

February 10, 2010 • 5:21 PM ET For this Elimination Challenge, the stylists had to create styles based on food. Joel of Warren Tricomi Salon was the guest judge. We did the food thing, which I thought was a little Barnum & Bailey, but I just kind of went along...
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Adee Should Have Gone Home

February 10, 2010 • 1:38 PM ET First, you were the judge for the Shortcut Challenge. The stylists had to take punk rock girls and give them glamorous looks. What do you think was their biggest challenge? I think the most difficult part, right off the bat, was that...
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