Jonathan Antin

Jonathan Antin handicaps the remaining competition and makes an exclusive announcement!

on Mar 23, 2010

I think Janine was by far the most cool and edgy, for lack of a better way of putting it. Bringing back that Diana kind of look, that's not an easy hairstyle to create. To build that much volume and width is old school hairstyle and there is a serious level of difficultly to that, without making it a big ball of frizz. To have a real bit of controlled frizz with direction in it with it still looking symmetrically sound on someone's face, I really think she did a great job. I think if anyone of them were to be the cover of the magazine, that's always what I go back to. To me, that's how I make my decision. If I were a photographer I would have chosen Janine's to shoot for the day. It had that nostalgic, really cool and edgy Diana Ross vibe and it was, technically, a very difficult style to do. I thought it was great. It was no more difficult and no more technically sound than Matthew's. I thought it definitely would look better on the cover a magazine or the red carpet. For a red carpet I thought it was a great look. Matthew's was a little bit more for the stage than the red carpet.
I think Jon did a great job. If it was a cutting and coloring competition, Jon wins all day long. I think that Matthew and Janine have an edge on him when it comes to styling. I think that Jon exceeds them in cutting and coloring. I think Jon did a great job and he did what he was asked to do. He got this girl ready for the red carpet. Her hair was smooth, it had volume in the back, it had the bump, and it had all the bells and whistles that the red carpet requires. Anything you would like to add?
First of all, I want to apologize to the fans and bloggers that I haven't blogged the last few shows. I've been extremely busy with a new venture of mine. This is the first place I’m actually going to mention this and it's the first time anyone's going to hear anything about this although there is a press release going out I'm going to say this on first. I have sold all of my shares in Jonathan Product. I have moved on, and I am no longer affiliated with Jonathan product. Jonathan Product can no longer use my name or my likeness and I am getting ready to sign a big new deal with a big new company or come out with Jonathan Antin professional haircare. I am also, quite possibly, going to open up a Jonathan Antin hair care that is going to be off the charts, literally groundbreaking hair care. That's why I've been unavailable so sorry to the bloggers. That's it!

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