Jonathan Antin

Jonathan Antin gives his opinion on why he thinks the stylist went home.

on Feb 10, 2010 What did you think of Giacomo leaving?

I'm sure some of the viewers recall that I had an episode of Blow Out where one of my stylists took his shirt off. It was a kid with an attitude that I fired. He took his shirt off and he was kind of looking at his abs in the mirror. I told him you're out, you're sickening, and how lame could you possibly be? You do something with cameras around then how pedestrian can you possibly be? It just shows such lack of skill set and talent because he's using something else to steal the light and to me, it's just weak and pussy. Then he used his children as a reason. Guess what? I have a 2-year-old and 3 1/2 year old during the show (now they're older) and I was gone just as much. Only difference was I was able to go home and sleep with them and go back to work the next day, but I didn't see them for six weeks. You do these things for your family. That's what it's all about. You don't use your family as an excuse to quit. Quitting is never good. Quitting is always bad and it's always weak. Here's the bottom line. He was scared. He showed up and he saw the level of skill and he got scared because he knew there wasn't a way he would win. There was no way in his wildest dreams that he was going to win. Mind you, those are the people who do win when they stick it out and stay. I've always been in that situation as a stylist. I've always been the least likely to succeed. In beauty school growing up as a stylist, a heterosexual stylist, I was always the least likely to succeed because I just didn't have that edge that a gay man had. I didn't have that communication with a woman like a gay man had. I just didn't have that. I communicated with women differently. I was never on the same plane, and it was a give and take thing. I was always the underdog. No matter what I always stuck it out and I always fought tooth and nail to the end no matter what. I never lost and I always won every competition I was in. I was hoping the same for Giacomo. You knew that you couldn't win and you quit. It's bad enough to think that you can't win, and I've thought that before, I always go in with a defeatist attitude. It's always, I can't win or I'm not going to be able to do this, but fuck it. I am not leaving and they're going to have to cut my arms off to beat me. He just didn't have that killer attitude. So, good, he made it easier for all the others. To Joel Warren of Warren and Tricomi:
Joel, you got to check your partner. I think Joel's great but he's really got to check your partner because his partner looks like a clown. If you're working with someone like that, it rubs off on you. I thought Joel was a good dude -- good, stand-up, solid guy. The only thing that bugged me is he's working with a zombie as a partner. That's your other half in the world of building a brand you've got to do something about that first. Don't come on my show bitching about how wonderful you are if you've got the dawn of the dead as your other half.