Kelly Atterton

Kelly Atterton's must-have tools for effortless haircare.

on Jul 17, 2008

For most people, a meal created by a professional chef tastes a lot better than what they can whip up on their own. The same often goes for stylists. When you strut out of the salon wearing their work, you look (and feel) like a hot model. But the next day, when you're wrestling with a blow dryer and a round brush? Well, sometimes you turn into a hot mess.

As we saw on this week's episode (especially with Meredith, whose model's complicated cut ended up looking like a mushroom cloud when the poor girl styled it on her own), hairstylists absolutely have to keep this in mind. At home, it should take three or four steps max and a matter of minutes to do your hair. (That's what was so genius about Nicole's cut. Can you BELIEVE it took her client eight minutes to style and go?) Anything more, and it's not only an ordeal -- the odds are just not in your favor.