Kelly Atterton

Kelly Atterton's 3 steps to the perfect ponytail.

on Jul 15, 2008

When I learned the subject of the elimination challenge -- to create a red carpet hairstyle -- I got nervous. Though the term refers to special occasion hair at its very best (like Charlie's gorgeous screen-goddess waves and Gail's inspired updo), inevitably, at any event, there will always be hairstyles that should have stayed in the limo. (Celebs, relax -- I won't name names!) And it turned out I was right to be worried: Overly elaborate updos (Nicole's "Asian bridezilla" style), pageant hair (Matthew's limp curls), and what-was-she-thinking wild styles (Paulo's spooky, teased creation) maybe shouldn't have seen the light of day.

THE ALLURE ADVANTAGE You know the fussy, overcurled 'do you created for your prom? Yeah. Now that you're all grown up, your special occasions are probably a lot more sophisticated, and your hair should be, too. One of Allure's favorites is the low ponytail. If you're thinking "Ponytail?! That's too casual!" I have two words for you: Grace Kelly. Her interpretation of the low ponytail was sleek, not like what you'd wear for Pilates. Here, some pointers: