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Kelly Atterton

Magazine Hair

If young Hollywood has taught us anything, it's that being wild might turn heads, but it sure ain't always pretty. That said, an avant-garde hairstyle--much like those on this episode's challenge--has to be more than merely outrageous to make me...
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Quick Fixes For Bad Hair

What's as uncomfortable as telling your mother the sweater she gifted you with isn't something you'd wear in public? Letting your hairstylist know the haircut he just gave you makes you want to burst into tears and run screaming from the salon. ...
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Brunettes Have Fun, Too

Few things rival the pure entertainment value of Christopher Guest's 2000 movie Best in Show, but this week's episode came close. When the stylists had to cut and color pet owners and their pooches, I knew things could get hairy. Some people get...
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Sexy, Swingy Hair 101

When someone tries too hard to be sexy, it just isn't. In this week's elimination challenge, the stylists were asked to reinterpret the flirtatious, swingy hairstyles of Charlie's Angels' for modern-day clients. I thought this would be a fun...
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DIY Hair Essentials

For most people, a meal created by a professional chef tastes a lot better than what they can whip up on their own. The same often goes for stylists. When you strut out of the salon wearing their work, you look (and feel) like a hot model. But th...
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Red Carpet Hair Hits And Misses

When I learned the subject of the elimination challenge -- to create a red carpet hairstyle -- I got nervous. Though the term refers to special occasion hair at its very best (like Charlie's gorgeous screen-goddess waves and Gail's inspired updo),...
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