Kim Vo

Kim Vo's expert take on the first challenge.

on Jun 23, 2008

What were your thoughts upon meeting the contestants?

They looked like a lively group.

Did any stylist stand out?

Nekisa, because of her looks: the way she dressed, her smile, and the way she presented herself. I noticed Charlie's black-rimmed glasses, which seemed to be just glass. And Oshun looked like he was going to be very talented. He spoke a great game but totally let me down.

What did you think of the Short Cut Challenge?

I thought it was brilliant! This craft is all about gut instinct and about having an image in your mind before you even touch your client's hair. I was waiting for one to make an irreversible cut.

What did you think of the Elimination Challenge?

I was very excited about it. Growing up during the golden age of cartoons as a latchkey child, I was curious to see how they would take a two-dimensional character and make it live and breathe. This was a great opportunity for the stylists to be inspired and think outside the box and take huge chances. Iconic people, including cartoon characters, are great places to draw inspiration. I once did a look inspired by Daphne (from Scooby-Doo) for an InStyle carpet charity look.

So did you agree with the voting?

Yes, I did.