Kim Vo

Why Charlie stood out to Kim Vo.

on Aug 14, 2008

What are some key things to know when you are styling hair for a photo shoot?

First, you have to have a meeting of the minds, with the same image in mind. Then discuss the end "feeling" of the shoot. It has to be synergistic.

Did any of the stylists stand out?

Charlie, immediately. His look was most flexible in content and could be manipulated to fit the surroundings.

Did you agree with Daniel being eliminated?

Yes, he has to think more 3-D. Every angle of the hair matters. One has to imagine every angle possible.

Any final words for Daniel?

I love his spirit and determination. If he keeps his focus he'll be a true star.

Any predictions for the finale?

The heat is on. Now, any small mistake will have big consequences. We will have to see who can take the pressure.