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Matthew Tully

Episode Three

7th day: Go in to find out challenge. Its an extra long hair updo. Today I'm going to focus on the love of my wife. Wow these people are so jealous. I have congratulated everyone on their wins. But now when I win one a weird mood arises from the...
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Episode Two

Day 3: Photos all day, promos, audio ringtones Day 4: Photos, promo video ads for Bravo channel Day 5: shortcut challenge today -- really was happy with it but got third or fourth? Day 6: Housewives of Orange County makeover. I was safe in...
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Episode One

Very nice to get out of cage just to find out no talking for entire day almost. Wait two hours, then cut blindfolded. 8th place : ( I go to house, room with Oshun + Parker.
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