Michael Carl

Find out why Michael was disappointed with this week's looks.

on May 4, 2007

Did you miss me? Allure's editor-in-chief, Linda Wells, was top judge this week, so I was free to get a massage...or, in reality, catch up on my fashion-director duties. But just because I wasn't sitting on the stool doesn't mean I don't have opinions.

I love how spicy things got. I mean Tabatha and Anthony at the spa, trash-talking Tyson and -- my favorite part -- Anthony calling the other stylists "wankers"? Those two are like the kids who rode at the back of the bus, sneaking smokes and bullying the rest of the class. And then Danna going mental on Evangelin? I didn't see that one coming. And once Tabatha joined the brawl, those hedge clippers weren't as sharp as the tongues in that room. I felt like I was watching Dynasty -- with all the bitch-slapping, name calling, and teased hair.

For the elimination challenge, each stylist had to create a red-carpet style for Vanessa Williams -- and Danna really nailed it. It was as if she'd channeled Wilhelmina Slater, Vanessa's character on Ugly Betty who struts around with the most fabulously done-up hair. The combination of the teasing on top and woven pieces in back was both restrained and paparazzi-perfect.

Maybe she was still enraged about Evangelin "single handedly setting back the hair profession," because Tabatha f'd this one up, as she would say. The hair in front was tight, but in back she let out a roar of twisted curls pushed to one side, so you got a glimpse of that angry updo even before the model turned around.