Michael Carl

Find out why Michael was disappointed with this week's looks.

on May 4, 2007


Anthony went with a classic, the beehive. But it reminded me of another classic, the Cone Head. His hive shot up a good six inches into the air, teetering a little to the left. The red-carpet event for this? A UFO convention.


Daisy's model had really curly hair, but instead of whipping out her flat iron, she went with it by winding three sections into buns on the back of the head. The style was neat -- even pretty. But was it Vanessa Williams? No. And did it complement the dress. with its beading and busy box pattern? Not really. If Daisy had just played it straight, she could have been a contender.


And then there's Ben. It was as if an octopus had landed on her head, its tentacles hanging down in thick, sticky tendrils. It was awful. As Vanessa said, "Heavy and like the end of a long prom night." michael_104_09_320x240.jpg

I said in my last blog that for a stylist to be a shear genius, he'd have to take risks. Boogie did -- he is the self-proclaimed master of red-carpet hair, after all. His sweeping updo had a hump, for lack of a better word, on each side of the head and a big swoop of bangs. With a little more teasing it would have been Princess Leia on crack. Instead, it looked Victorian and beautiful and like something a celebrity with real chutzpah could pull off.