Michael Carl

Find out why Michael was disappointed with this week's looks.

on May 4, 2007


Man, the hubris is on high his week. Tyson said his specialty is "making hair hot." His style was hot all right -- scalding to the senses. High and smooth on the top and sides, then pinned into a thin strip of tangled curls in back, it was as if a chignon and a mohawk had had a one-night stand and this was their unwanted child.


There's nothing Sally hates more than tendrils. You'd think the stylists would have done a little homework, worked their way into Sally's psyche -- but no. There were tendrils dangling in all their ugly glory on nearly half the models this week. But nothing -- except maybe a tattle from Tabatha -- could have prepared Sally, or anyone, for Evangelin's tendrils. They were thin. They were scraggly. They crept all the way around the head. They were kinked on the ends... It was a serious what-the-hell-is-that moment. And it all could have been avoided if Evangelin had just reached for her beloved hedge clippers. I hope they serve her better at the salon. michael_104_15_320x240.jpg

The stylists sure did take chances, and they managed to create a few (well, maybe a very few) good looks. See you next week on the stool...