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Nekisa Addis

My Final Cut

August 1, 2008 • 12:23 PM ET
Dog Elimination Challenge Today's elimination challenge was to give cuts to dogs and their owners. My dog was Waffles and the owner's name was Karen, a fresh out of college advertising assistant for Marie Claire. It was so much fun. Little Waffles...
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Funky Fun

July 28, 2008 • 4:37 PM ET
Shortcut #6 Today's challenge is to do funky fun colors on our models. The winner gets immunity in the next elimination challenge. All of these thoughts are running through my head. Should I do it big or small or draw inspiration from a country or...
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Win. Win. Win.

July 22, 2008 • 5:31 PM ET
Shortcut Challenge #5! Today we went to the beach for the challenge. We were trying to guess what we were going to do. Then we saw a bunch of girls in the distance and thought we were going to do pin-up girls, but instead we had to give surfer...
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Episode Four

July 15, 2008 • 6:19 PM ET
Our Elimination Challenge today was to cut and/or color our clients' hair & blow-dry them. The final judgment is based on how well they dry their own hair. I told her exactly what to do and she did it! Dee won yesterday, so today she chose ...
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Episode Three

July 9, 2008 • 4:55 PM ET
3rd Short Cut Challenge Today we were supposed to do an updo on our clients using an accessory. I was planning on doing an updo that was clean and beautiful but instead I heard Campbell say to Charlie that his was too bridal and not fantasy. Well...
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Episode Two

July 2, 2008 • 4:59 PM ET
Tuesday 3/17 Today I got last place!! I can't believe it! I hope to win tomorrow! Its really important to me! Let's hope I win!
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Episode One

June 24, 2008 • 9:31 PM ET
3/13/08: Short Cut Challenge I cant believe I was #11! I really decided to challenge myself and go short! I was disappointed in Kim Vo's decision but now I know to do what he likes, not what the challenge asks for. But in all fairness I was...
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