Nicole Obert

Why does Nicole Obert want Dee to get eliminated?

on Aug 13, 2008

Short cut challenge

#9 Double Booked Today, we had to get to know out client and give them a whole new look that suited their personality. We had an hour and a half to transform them. So, with 45 minutes remaining Jaclyn comes in and says, "Stylists, you've been double booked, your other client is waiting in the lounge." TWINS! We had to make our clients look different based on their personalities. Kara and Rhianne were so great. They are pop singers and needed a different look. Jaclyn gave us an extra hour -- THANK GOD! Kara wanted to be Christina Aguilera blonde while Rhianne wanted to be brown. PERFECT! OH YEAH -- Jaclyn mentioned one tiny little thing.The winner of this challenge will have IMMUNITY in the next elimination, which will give the winner an automatic place in the final three! I need to win this challenge so bad! So I make Kara blonde and flat iron her straight. Rhianne goes golden brown with curls. Jose Eber is the our judge. He has nice things to say about everyone's looks. I'm so nervous!