Nicole Obert

Nicole Obert is so over Charlie's winning streak.

on Aug 8, 2008

Short Cut #8 Kids Cuts!

I had to cut a kid's hair today. Five little girls came out running and screaming at me! AAAHHH! Five sassy little punks, just like me! We had to give them new looks for their first day of school. I got Claire. I took her up to shoulder length, face framed it, gave her nice bangs, then curled it! I placed in the middle AGAIN! Daniel made his client look like 60-year-old and won? WTF JUDGES!?

Elimination #8 "Good Grief" HOLY S---, MY MOM IS HERE! Are you f------ kidding me? We came in today with no expectations of what the challenge would be. Rene said, "your clients today have seen you at your worst," and out walks my mom in tears. I couldn't believe it. It was SO GREAT to have her experience everything I've been doing since I've been here. We are going to be on television together! Of course, there is a twist.

Daniel had to assign each stylist a family member that was not their own. Daniel picked my mom, and assigned me Dee's mom. She didn't have a lot of hair to begin with -- it was super short. But she also had what I like to call "old lady hair," which had to go! So I cut off about a half of what she had, gave her little bangs and some red highlights! She looked so cute! Okay, Judges!? I TOOK ANOTHER BIG RISK! Daniel made my mom look like she was from Dallas! He made her hair SO BIG! I hated it! Although it looked like he did a good job on her color, I haven't gotten the chance to inspect it yet. WHO WILL BE GOING HOME??