Nicole Obert

Nicole Obert is so over Charlie's winning streak.

on Aug 8, 2008

The guest judge today, David Babaie, who styles for Angelina Jolie, Kate Hudson and Nicole Kidman, said he liked my haircut so much that he would let ME cut HIS mom's hair! I STILL wound up in the bottom two. What the f---? CHARLIE WON AGAIN! I'm SO OVER Charlie winning! And I think he is too! It was almost like he didn't care that he won! What the hell? Paulo went home. I cried like a little girl. I knew from day one that if I outlasted Paulo, the day I saw him leave I would cry. He's such a lovable guy and so upfront. I connect well with Charlie, but I was closest to Paulo, and so, here I am, in the final four. HOLY F------ S---! CAN I PLEASE WIN A CHALLENGE?