Paulo Candido

Paulo Candido vents about celebrity-style hair.

on Jul 15, 2008

During the 1 1/2 hours, models moved 5 times. Insane! Close to the end of the time, 2 end up with Nicole's model, who had a terrible f***ed-up mess of a color she had done. If you don't have the goddamn time to do a color correction THEN DON'T F***ING DO IT!! But she did. I was so afraid that I would be judged on this hideous mess that I had in my chair. Luckily for me, they switched again, right while I was cutting. All these motherf***ers think they can cut hair -- they are so damn wrong. Watched Nekisa and Meredith hair outside and I was mortified. So the few models that I had cut, these morons were saying that they had to "fix" a few things. Completely ridiculous. I'm so over this competition and the bulls*** that going on.

So Roy Teeluck is the guest judge today. My model ends up crying in everyone else's chair. I am totally unaware of this. So when it comes time to judge this s***, they come to me and start talking about her crying -- going on about how I should have asked her about what actresses she identifies with. WHO F***ING CARES!! F*** CELEBRITY HAIR! SO F***ING OVERRATED! WHO FIVES A S***?!?! I mean, really?? She looked great -- her color wasn't bad. And the judges give me s*** for it. So needless to say, I didn't place. : (

Elimination Challenge Teaching a client to replicate a salon style at home We had to cut/color/style a client in 1 1/2 hours, all the while teaching the client how to style it. The clincher was that the client was then going to blow-dry her own hair in 1/2 hour to best match what you did on them. My client was f***ing hilarious. She was singing, laughing, playing Vanna with products. Too damn funny. She did a great job and luckily I was safe. : ) Sadly, Meredith wasn't : ( : ( : (