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Paulo Candido

The End

Elimination Challenge I got booted!! : (
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Gray Streak

Shortcut Unatural Natural Styling Products Today's challenge was f****** crazy! We get into the salon and there is this large table with stuff on it--covered by a big black sheet. Jaclyn gives us the challenge. We are to style hair using products...
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F It

Shortcut Challenge Rainbow Connection Well one day you're on top -- the next you're eating s*** out of Papa Smurf's a**hole. So be it. Of course, it figures that the one elimination challenge I f****** win, they take away the immunity part. And...
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Episode Five

Shortcut Challenge: "Surfer Boy Polish" Today: Men's cuts on the beach -- 1/2 hour to do it Kicker: Make a surfer go from the ocean to night out on the town. We couldn't shampoo their hair or use blow dryers. My model Rocco actually is part of...
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Episode Four

Short Cut Challenge "F***ing Musical Chairs" So this crazy f***ed-up challenge involved picking a box that had a number in it -- I picked #1!!! F***ing Awesome!!!!! So I approach models and ask who was up for a big change. This particular girl...
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Episode Three

"Shortcut Challenge" "Rapunzel" So today's challenge was all about creating a style on a girl with MASSIVELY LONG hair -- and you couldn't cut a hair off of it. Criteria: Can't be simple braid, ponytail. Had to be intricate and complex. I did...
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Episode Two

Elimination challenge #2 Day I almost go kicked off. Today's challenge = Housewives of Orange County! Had Vikki of all people. High demanding, limited, BAD HAIR, etc, etc, etc!! Tabatha, the Almighty, was guest judge. She picked my haircut,...
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