Inside scoop from the Shear Genius producers.

Apr 25, 2007


Normally in the world of hair, stylists attend classes on a regular basis. But a private lesson with Sally Hershberger on how to do her signature style doesn't come along very often. The contestants were all very cognizant of the valuable opportunity they had been given. Usually a lesson like that does not come cheap -- if it comes at all. And while I'm being tangential, have I told you all how insanely great Jaclyn Smith looks? I know you get to see her on the show, but I'm telling you, in real life she is just as flawless as she is on TV.

I have to tell you about one of our biggest challenges during production: getting interview time with the contestants. Ideally, on a reality show that uses interview bites, you want to interview the contestants for about an hour every day. That way the reactions are fresh, the anticipation is real, and the naked emotion from winning or losing is written on their faces. We had two interview rooms set up off the salon and one in a trailer in the parking lot. In a perfect world, we could have done 12 contestants in 3 interview rooms in 4 hours. But anyone who has spent any time on a set knows just how far from a perfect world it is. Every day, production ran overtime and we were left with very little or no time to conduct our interviews.

One interview a day per contestant became one interview every two days per contestant and it was incredibly difficult to keep up that pace until we were down to about six contestants. It became manageable at that point.