Inside scoop from the Shear Genius producers.

Apr 25, 2007


For the Long to Short Challenge, the art department pilfered all the unconventional tools during their clean up, so when Evangelin asked me if she could have her hedge clippers, I had a hell of a time procuring them. Luckily, the guy that snagged them had a conscience and forked them over. I can't blame the art department for taking the tools -- I bet they'd fetch a decent price on eBay.

It was at about this point in production that some of the contestants, Danna in particular, began to wonder what I was doing busily scribbling away in my notebook when tensions ran high. They began to figure out that I wasn't just there to be their best buddy; I had a job to do. When there was a flare up of emotions, I was there to not only see it and take note of it, but to usher those concerned into interview rooms so they could vent on-camera instead of at each other off-camera. On that note, I'll just say: stay tuned...