Inside scoop from the producers of Shear Genius.

May 9, 2007

Danna had first pick of the models and regretted her choice later because apparently his hair was filthy. I've learned while working on this show that dirty hair has a certain unpleasant odor when it gets wet that is quite distasteful for stylists. So remember to wash your hair beforehand next time you get it cut.


After Tabatha's win in the men's makeover challenge, she got to dole out the boxes for their next elimination challenge - hair through the eras. She gave them all a quick glance, decided which one she'd take and then handed them out very swiftly. Tyson, Daisy, and Boogie were respectively worried, anxious and perplexed by their boxes. Boogie couldn't get over the whole evil/medieval thing. He only found one picture on the internet despite help from Tabatha and Anthony and he was clueless about what to do. Tabatha told Ben about how controversial flapper hair had been in its time. She likened it to punk hair and they actually had a pretty intellectual discussion about the subject.

Tyson kept to himself and you could see the gears turning inside his head at a furious speed. He was freaked about doing Elizabethan era hair but he also seemed to be steeling himself to kick some major ass at it. After drinks, discussion and more drinks, somehow Daisy and Danna ended up doing push ups. They were trying to see how many they could do. Daisy won the push up challenge. It's a good thing Anthony didn't participate because he would have put them both to shame.

At times, you could hear a pin drop in the salon during the Hair thru the Eras challenge. The stylists were so focused on this one. Tyson practically collapsed when time was called. Boogie's medieval was incredible, especially in light of his trouble researching the topic.