Rene Fris

Why Rene Fris gave the stylists a little tough love.

on May 30, 2007


In past challenges, taking risks has paid off for Daisy but it didn't pan out for this challenge. This time she ran into some bumps in the road and couldn't improvise fast enough. Normally Daisy can create the vision in her mind perfectly. She focuses in and sticks to her plan the whole way through. There's no doubt that her talent for finish work would serve her well for film, TV and photo shoots. She should definitely think about that as a career path. I loved Daisy; she is always smiling and has an infectious positive energy. If I ever start a salon in New York, Daisy will be the first person I call.

This was an amazing experience and a great opportunity. I enjoyed every moment. The cast was fantastic. I know it was hard for them since I couldn't give them technical advice. I wish I could have supported them 100%. In a different situation I would have helped them all. rene_108_05_320x240.jpg

If my behavior came across as tough love it's only because of the rules. We all learn every day -- I learned as much from you guys as you learned from me. Love you all the most -- it has been an adventure.