Roy Teeluck

Roy Teeluck on what the keys were to winning the curly hair challenge.

on Jul 17, 2008

Nexxus provided the products and it was up to the contestants to share the "how-tos" with their clients. The real key to winning this one was giving the client a style they loved that wouldn't take too much of a chunk out of their morning routines. Glenn, who won the challenge, had a client who'd always taken a very low maintenance approach to her hair, so Glenn gave her client a few simple tips. When you can give someone simple steps that make a vast improvement in her look, that's the best you can do for them. Well, after Glenn's success, we had to say goodbye to someone. Strangely for an educator, Meredith's biggest problem was that she had too hard of a time teaching her client.

When she was sent home, she blamed the straight-haired population for just not understanding the charm of curls. That couldn't be farther from the truth! Curly hair is an asset, but like any hair, it needs to be given a shape that works. Meredith's client's hair fell sort of getting there, without dynamic form or movement to it. The cut needed to flatter the texture of her hair and be amplified by products specifically made for curls, like Nexxus Gorgeous Curls that helps define curls and battle humidity -- a curl's worst enemy. If Meredith had known how to work with her client's curls a little better, she wouldn't have had to leave the competition. For all of you fans who think you can style your hair as well as the pros, now is your chance to prove it! Log on to to enter the Nexxus Hairdo How-To contest.

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