Roy Teeluck

Roy Teeluck 's scoop on the wig challenge.

on Jul 24, 2008

The first challenge was so much fun this week. Not just because of the dramatic change in conditions but because you got to see how some people just squirm when they have to cut men's hair. You could tell that the male stylists were much more eager than some of the women, but the ladies ended up dominating the challenge. Dee put Glenn to shame with her work on one of the twins. And Nicole completely deserved to win -- a much needed ego boost for her. What really worked with Nicole's winning look is that it didn't seem like a fresh haircut. That guy looked like his hair was three weeks grown in, and that's when men tend to feel best about their hair. A new cut can look too clean, but after two or three weeks, guys often look in the mirror, mess around with some gel, and think, "Wow -- I look good right now."