Roy Teeluck

Roy Teekluck's tip for summer highlights: beer.

on Aug 8, 20080

On this week's show, we saw two things which are not normally found in a salon: styling hummus and dogs. I don't use foods and organics when I style hair -- mostly because styling products are all well balanced for the hair. Nothing can really beat their benefits. But, obviously, some natural organic ingredients can have great benefits for hair. I've definitely run lemon juice through women's hair at the beach to achieve quick summer highlights. It's an old trick you learn at a young age.

Something a lot of people wouldn't think to try is beer. When I was working at a high-end salon in London, we used to have an unmarked spray bottle full of it. Beer adds great shine, but of course, you may end up smelling like a bar. The stylists went in a slightly different direction during the short cut challenge. They seemed to go for the products that hold the hair in place, but not in the most natural way. It's hard to operate under such time restrictions, but if they'd been able to give it more thought, I think they would have looked more at the benefits of certain oils and how they can enhance the different styles of hair. If you are concerned with protecting the environment, I'd avoid peanut butter for hold and stick to a non-aerosol hair spray, like Nexxus Maxximum Super Hold Styling & Finishing Spray.

phyllis williams
phyllis williams

I am a former beautician and it kills me to hear you and others how you promote conditioner for hair. there is nothing and I mean nothing on the market that can repair damaged hair or split ends so stop telling people to condition. Only thing that is going to help is a pair of scissors. Thanks for listening and have a JesusDay