Roy Teeluck

Roy Teeluck gives the inside scoop on the first challenge.

on Jun 26, 2008

Hi there. I'm Roy Teeluck, Nexxus editorial director and owner of the Roy Teeluck Salon in NYC where I get to work with some of the most influential women in the city. I'm back again to give you the insider scoop on the new season of Shear Genius. You'll see me this season providing styling tips and I'll be appearing as a guest judge on the Nexxus Challenge episode coming up in a few weeks. Well, once again we've lined up an eclectic group of hairdressers. I'm sure that some of them will end up blowing us away, but right now you can just tell that a lot of that confidence is covering up some real nerves. No one wants to be the first to go home! The Shortcut challenge was pretty crazy, right? I don't think that's something I'd ever dare to try, but I totally get what they were going for though.

Confident people always say, "Oh, I could do that with my eyes closed." So that's exactly what they put them up to. It's an interesting barometer of how much the stylists have a feel for hair as well. Most of the time when you're working on a client's hair, you're talking to them, and that requires a certain amount of maneuvering through distraction. They should definitely be given credit for attempting the blind cuts, but even without being able to see, the looks they went for were just very typical. I was much more excited by the results of the Elimination Challenge. At the elimination, I thought hands down that Parker won the challenge, and then he didn't even make the top three! That cut was a perfect modern take on Betty Boop, and it was terribly flattering for his client. She looked so sexy with those little curls. Daniel did a really nice job on the Wilma Flintstone, but watching it on television, I just wasn't as big of a fan as the judges.