Difficult Clients

Glenn Mitchell reveals why nobody would wear Nekisa's look.

Saturday, March 29th Today is a new day! A fabulous day! It's the creative color challenge! I can't wait. Everyone is super pumped! We have four hours to create an edgy look for our clients! I've been waiting for this. Kim Vo is our judge. And he has been making eye contact with me all morning, so I think he is looking for BIG things from me! This will be a huge challenge for us, because we will get a free pass on the elimination challenge, and we get to have "some" input on the elimination itself! OH S***! I love being here -- this is the most amazing experience! Thank you, thank you!

Monday, March 31 Today I am flying home. Last night I was cut. I really don't understand why -- maybe I took on too much during the challenge? But the judges said it was because Jaclyn would not wear my style. But I know that no one would wear Nekisa's style. At least my style had movement -- hers was stiff and ugly. I made the most I could out of a difficult client.

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