Episode One

Nekisa Addis' diary on episode one.

3/13/08: Short Cut Challenge I cant believe I was #11! I really decided to challenge myself and go short! I was disappointed in Kim Vo's decision but now I know to do what he likes, not what the challenge asks for. But in all fairness I was blindfolded and my client LOVED it! I'll go better next time. <3 always, Nekisa

3/14/08: Today our challenge was to do our client's hair like a celebrity. As it turned out they meant cartoon characters! Since I "fell short" yesterday, I was the 11th person to pick my model. All that was left were two Lucys. So I interpreted Lucy as a more modern Lucy. Sometimes our clients bring us photos of someone that we know, as stylists, would look horrible on them. So we compromise and alter accordingly. That's exactly what I did today. I brought little old Lucy to the modern age. I gave her a low chignon after I cut and colored her hair three shades darker with two tiger stripes on the sides. I added those for some flair. I really hope the judges like it. I miss my husband so much. Me and Daniel got second and first place in the elimination round! I got second place! Daniel won, but who cares? He certainly deserved it!

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