Episode One

Nicole Obert's diary on episode 1.

3/14/08: Today has been one of the longest days that I can remember. We spent a lot of time standing around but it's only Day One and we jumped right into a Short Cut Challenge. We had to cut hair BLINDFOLDED. WHAT!!?? I cut the s*** out of my hand but her hair came out way better than I expected. After that we had our ranking take place. I got second place! Told you that young, educated stylists can cut hair just as good as peeps in the biz for over 20 yrs. Even with our eyes closed! Kim Vo, I could make braille beautiful HAHA!! Jaclyn Smith is BEAUTIFUL! After taping we came back to the house and saw it for the fist time. It's the nicest place I've ever stayed in! I don't want to ever leave! But, on a very serious note ... I want to move here to LA. I love it here, so so so beautiful! 1st place--Dee 2nd place--Nicole

Cartoon Client: Today's elimination challenge was to get inspiration from a specific cartoon celebrity. I chose JEM and was really excited about it until my client told me I couldn't color her hair. She put a lot of limitations on me and really prevented me from achieving my goal. I was really unhappy with what I did and seriously thought I had a chance to go home. Then I saw Oshun's and realized I was going to be safe. I was placed in the Safe Six --that was totally OK with me! 1st place--Daniel 2nd place--Nekisa

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