Episode One

Daniel Lewis' diary on the first episode.

3-14-08: So first day ...... WOW Jaclyn is FAB -- I mean flawless + I am surprised that I loved Kim Vo too -- didn't expect that, but anybody with a smile that doesn't stop I'm gonna love. We did a blindfold cut challenge and it was harder than I expected. My model was from N. Fl. Too CRAZY -- so sweet and great hair. I gave her a fab style (I know Jackie was lovin it) and I placed fifth. (Kim said I was playin it safe but I'd rather be safe than bad, especially Day One.) Bye-bye for now.

3-15-08: Elimination Challenge #1 Today's challenge is turning a client into a cartoon character and I got a fabulous redhead (Jessica) who I had to emulate Wilma Flinstone with. My biggest concern is that I am going to be told that once again I played it safe but I cannot go home yet and frankly I am honored by the thought that they put so much faith in my ability that anything would be considered safe for me because nothing and no one have been easy. I am still speculating though -- to the trained eye it is obvious that even though I picked a redhead for Wilma means nothing. I turned her bottle job washed-out red into a beautiful luscious red with so much depth, and she had TONS of hair. I would normally book more time for her, but I did it down to the wire just like I like it. It really does look like Wilma jumped out of the picture and into real life. We shall see if the judges agree.