Episode Three

Daniel Lewis' diary entry all about episode 3.

Third Episode: It's the third short cut challenge day. What a day. We had to do an updo on reeeeallllllly long hair. My client had 32-inch long hair and it truly was beautiful healthy long hair unlike poor Meredith's model who had sh*tty 68-inch long hair that literally touched the floor when she was standing. I did a very classic beautiful intricate style that had a pompadour feel and turned out very Greek. I loved it and cant wait to do it on someone back home. I think I didn't win because once again we had an "editorial freelancer" (a.k.a doesn't do hair for real people) and I didn't use the accessory in the right way (which I do agree with.) The top two were Matt and Charlie. Matt won which I did not agree with. He did a verrrrry over-accessorized style. I mean he used so many random non-cohesive things (apparently the kitchen sink was not available). I personally thought that Dee had the best style that fulfilled all of the challenge requirements. "That's all I've got to say about thaaat"

3rd Ep. Elimination challenge So we had a red carpet challenge. I had a beautiful girl in a beautiful dress with very fine hair that was the shortest in the room. I felt like I needed to step out of my box a bit per judges comments so I did a very textured style using a good bit of extension hair to create two chunky textured braids that I incorporated into the style. It was inspired by a Grecian Lady which is the vibe I got from the dress (very Rami from Project Runway). Well I was SAFE!! Thank God. I think if I had just done what I know --sleek smooth glamour -- I would have placed, but I did enjoy doing more texture than usual and I will probably start incorporating that more. Charlie won again which was good because his style was beautiful. See ya next challenge.

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