Episode Three

Nicole Obert's diary entry all about episode 3.

Short cut challenge #3 1st place Matt 2nd - Charlie Today's short cut challenge was to create an interesting mind-boggling style. My girl had paper thin hair. I got second to last place. Charlie and Matt got top two. I didn't know it was frou-frou updo day. I followed the rules and did something complex ... there goes the idea of being original.

Elimination Challenge #3 "Red Carpet Ready" Today's was to create a style for the red carpet. Once again my model had super fine hair BUT I had hair extensions that matched perfectly. I put her whole head up (hair I mean). She had a dress that showed off her back and you could see perfect pin curls everywhere. I was placed in the bottom three. I apparently played it too safe. But, I was OK with them saying that since I don't do updos. Matt ended up going home and Charlie won again. 1st place Charlie 2nd place Glenn

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