Episode Two

Glenn Mitchell's diary all about episode 2.

Monday 3/17 Yesterday was really fun. We went to Smashbox Studios and did some photo shoots. People are starting to bond more, and of course with that also comes a bit of pairing off. The more you learn about people, the more you either draw close or push away the people due to the things you learn. People's secrets are starting come out a little. I have already decided who I would like to leave next. It was Gail's birthday, so we stayed up even though we were needing to get some sleep. Today we are at Paramount Studios shooting more promo stuff. It's quiet today. Some people are sleeping while they are waiting. ... we have the "hot" girl we have the "unique" girl, we have the cute "pixie" girl, and the "crazy" girl, so that leaves me -- the silent strong, all business girl. So ... let's go rock it out! I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR! Peace.

Wednesday 3/18 Tuesday was a short cut challenge. We were to perform a "short" haircut on our models -- I felt really strong about this challenge. They only picked a No. 1 and No. 2 (Charlie and Nicole), so I don't know where I fell in all that. We actually got to color, cut, and style the hair of the "Housewives of Orange County!" My client was Tamra! She is very hot! I updated her cut and tweaked her color. Kim Vo said he was "blown away" by my color! YeeHa! Charlie won, which he totally deserved! And I placed SECOND!! HELL YEAH! I'm f**king so excited I so deserve to be here! I'm gonna keep my karma up -- I'm all ready lined up to go further and further! <3 Go Glenn Go

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