Helmet Heads

Charlie Price reveals he was bored with the wig challenge.

SURFERS! Male surfers were our models -- COOL. We had 30 minutes to take our models from the surf to a clean polished look that was ready to go on a night out. FUN! I made my guy look like a 50's greaser -- slicked back mini-pompadour. Guest Judge Oscar Blandi told me my guy looked too Wall Street, but I've never seen a Wall Street man with tattoos and chops. I didn't care -- I loved the way my model looked -- very cool, and very me. I didn't place. Oh well. Nic won. Glenn came in last, with virtually the same haircut as Dee, who came in 2nd. HUH? Elimination 5 I MADE IT HALFWAY!!! F*** YEA!

Bald Ladies We had to redesign wigs for women with alopecia. Another bore. What's next? Nuns? Or people with restless leg syndrome? I was in the bottom three again, which was kinda funny. My cut did suck -- it still looked like a wig -- but at least I know I wont have a rush of wig clients when this airs (hee hee). The judges keep telling me my work looks like helmet heads. Soooo funny. Kim Vo keeps glaring at me. At least they let a bitch stay on, which is cool. Paulo FINALLY won. Nicole was 2nd in spite of her cry fest. Dee was safe with ANOTHER hideous hairdo. Gross! Gail's gone -- no shocker there.

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