My Final Cut

Nekisa Addis refects on her elimination.

Dog Elimination Challenge Today's elimination challenge was to give cuts to dogs and their owners. My dog was Waffles and the owner's name was Karen, a fresh out of college advertising assistant for Marie Claire. It was so much fun. Little Waffles is the cutest snuggle bug, next to my Lenny and Sadie that is. At first I wasn't going to do any color, but then I decided it would be the only thing to do. If I didn't do it, I would lose for sure. So, I cut Karen's hair short, above her shoulders, and gave it a piecey look at the ends. I shattered the ends of her hair. She uses box color at home, so I had no clue exactly how much color deposit I was looking at to lift. After cutting Karen's hair, I highlighted it using blue bleach with 40 volume. It lifted evenly, but it was so gold! I hope the judges will be okay with it. This is episode #7-- wow, I've made it pretty far! I'm ecstatic. I wonder who will go home tonight.

Final Cut Tonight was my final cut. Everyone has to go sometime and my time was tonight. I am actually very excited and relieved to be on my way back home. My time here was amazing, as far as experience goes, but my only regret is that I let my nerves get the best of me. I believe that I should have been safe or in the top at times when I wasn't, but in all I loved the show and all the people I met. Dee is the Shear Genius and I hope she makes it all the way! As for me, bye bye guys!

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