What inspired Nicole Obert in the finale?

This story is about a woman we all know and a woman we can relate to. This woman grew up in a small, not so wealthy town. She was beautiful, but came from a family that had very little money, and there wasn't much of a budget for clothes & hair care. Even without money, she somehow managed to remain the "it girl." The very pretty, super nice cheerleader with super straight hair so perfect it was all anyone else wanted to have. Everyone wanted her or wanted to be her. With her family having little money, she could not afford to go to college. So she busted her butt everyday waiting tables.

During her shift one day, she met the man of her dreams. He was handsome and she really wanted him to notice her. She thought her edgy, but soft style would do the trick and she was right. He too had very little money, but they got married and started a family. She wanted to give her children everything she couldn't have growing up, so she worked hard, everyday saving tips, sewing costumes, packing lunches, giving up everything she had--so her kids could have more. She looked in the mirror and realized she was getting older--the only thing she had left for herself was to wake up every morning, do her hair, keeping it new and fresh, and making herself feel just as good as when she was 18.Her beauty was the only thing that was really all hers. Now, she wakes up each morning to an empty house. The dogs are barking and her husband is mowing the lawn. She makes her cup of tea, grabbing milk out of the fridge that is covered with pictures of her grandchildren and clippings of magazine articles her daughter has been in. She feels proud. She's accomplished her life goal, all the while maintaining who she really is and everything she's always had on the inside & out.

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