Color is Important

Kim Vo explains why he criticized the stylists for bad roots and brassy 'dos. First the graduated bob — were you surprised so many stylists had an almost philosophical problem with creating one?
A graduated bob is a very precise and particular style. If you weren’t trained in it, it could be one of the most challenging styles. We don’t see many graduated bobs so contestants might have felt like they didn’t want to be put on the spot with that cut. Onto Elimination, how emotional was it for you guys?
The elimination was particularly emotional for me because it brought back memories of my childhood during the Vietnam War. Although I was a baby, I distinctly remember what an emotional time that was. Some of the criticism was that the end results verged on ‘20s and ‘30s — what do you think really best describes the ‘40s look?
The 20s and 30s were marked by the Great Depression and as a result hair styles were much more toned down and a little conservative. For those who don’t know at home, what are finger curls? What is a “wet set?”
Finger curls and wet sets are “s” curls that are taught for the stylists to learn the fundamentals of hair so they are very important to the foundation and understanding of most hairstyles. Which looks impressed you the most/least?
Brig's was so great with three looks all into one. Again the age of the model was taken into consideration. Hair away from the face with the other side of the hair softens her look. Strong bangs bring attention to her eyes. Amy is an amazing cutter but this challenge was definitely to test one’s time period styling. It was too Betty Boop for me. Anything to say about the stylist who went home?
To be 25 and own three salons and a scissor company is already successful to me. Watch out world; Amy is here! You commented on some of the color — do you think the stylists had enough time to color and style?
There are several techniques that don’t take much time. My philosophy is if you see roots, fix them. If you see brassiness, tone it. Yes, color is important.

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