Hair is Important

Camila is very happy with the season premiere.

Wow!! That was fun. I was so nervous. All of Matthew's family and a bunch of friends came over to watch it and we had a premiere party — food, kids, drinks, and lots of festivities for the first show. I'm very happy with  the first episode. It looked very classy and professional and I thought it was very compelling, and although I "know" what happens, I STILL found myself intrigued with the competitions and all of the colorful contestants and personalities. I can't wait to see the next episode next Wednesday! I found out we got great ratings which means a lot of you were watching as well, and for that I say, "THANK YOU!!" That means a lot with all the hard work we had, so thank you for watching and if you are reading this, thanks for your support and interest. And believe me things are about to get heated up as the show goes on!! Guys, remember, hair is important!!!

Beijos, Camila

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