No Filter

Kim Vo shares his thoughts on the new cast and what he learned about himself this season. First, how do you think this season will be different than the last?
It’s like the perfect storm — new gorgeous sets, new judges, and host. It's the first time having an international group competing as well. What do you think about the rest of the judges/mentor?
Orlando Peta is a legend in my book. His inspirational runway looks have influenced the hair world for years. My dear friend Jonathan Antin is the yin to my yang. Camilla has brought a new fresh exciting energy and she is gorgeous as a person. What do you think the key was to doing well in the Elimination Challenge? Was is just about covering the boobs?
This challenge was about total freedom. Its rare, in a fashion show , that the hair can also share a story. So this is real life, boys and girls. Which looks stood out to you for better or for worse?
Well I did say 'It looked like she chewed off her umbilical cord and it still looked like there was afterbirth left.' Why did you choose who you did to win?
In a fashion show, it's all about the fashion and the hair has to complement it. Why did you choose who you did to lose? Some viewers are probably going to want to know why Adee wasn’t sent home.
Adee wasn’t sent home because sometimes pushing the envelope and stepping out of bounds can be a part of the process of being creative. After seeing the stylists’ first go at a challenge, where were your expectations set for the rest of the season?
A Mommie Dearest quote says it best: “Hold on — it's going to be a bumpy ride.” How is producing runway-ready hair different than any other type of job?
Because it deals with pressure, time, creativity, sustainability, and usually a diva designer who expects you to read his/her mind. After seeing things on the screener that you didn’t know happened at the time, what surprised you the most?
After being filmed for so long, you forget the cameras are there and I have no filter.

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