Latest Clips

Do It Yourself

S2/EP4: The stylists must trust their clients to recreate their new look. (05:18)

Wiggin' Out

S2/EP5: Rene throws the stylists a curve ball as they wig out with this challenge. (02:28)

Easy Updo

Updos don't mean spending hours in front of the mirror. (00:59)

Updon't, pt.1

S2/EP4: Meredith will miss many of her competitors especially "the tool." (03:03)

Red Carpet Worthy

S2/EP3: The red carpet can make or break a stylist. Find out who shined and who bombed. (05:17)

Sudden Stops

S2/EP4: Guest judge Roy Teeluck put the brakes to this challenge which has the stylists on edge. (03:09)

Out With A Bang, pt.1

S2/EP2: Though Parker feels bad about going home early, at least he wasn't the first one. (02:17)

Out With A Bang, pt.2

S2/EP2: Parker shares what this experience has been like and what he really thinks of his competitors. (02:09)