Southern Charm Savannah Crew Throws Some Major Shade at the Charleston Charmers

"We are not the step-child, Shepard," Savannahian Catherine Cooper bites back at Shepard Rose. 

No one does a rivalry better than the South - and it couldn't be truer for our Southern Charmers. Turns out that the new Savannah Charmers are not too keen on  calling their beloved hometown "Charleston's ugly step-child" in the Southern Charm Savannah' super trailer. For a refresher watch below: 

Southern Charm Savannah
This Is Southern Charm Savannah
Welcome to Savannah. Charm just got a whole lot more Southern.

Ouch. Before you feel too bad for the Savannahians, our Georgia peaches are setting the record straight in a hilarious video rebuttal (top) on why Savannah is actually the superior town. "You don't rage if you're from Charleston. You're the pretty little port city with all the influx of the Yankee money. You're not even considered Southern if you ask me," joked the owner of specialty sock collection JL the Brand Louis Oswald. And while it's all in good fun, them's fightin' words. 

It doesn't stop there! "You can't walk around with your drinks in Charleston, super lame...I think Charleston smells" Daniel Eichholz mused - though his point may have been slightly mitigated as Lyle Mackenzie astutely points out. We'll let you watch to find out why. "Charleston doesn't have the personality or the spirit that Savannah has," Ashley Borders added defending the oldest city in Georgia. But the real bone the Savannahians have to pick is, of course, with Shep. 

"I wanna go on the record and let it be known..." Lyle begins. "We are not the step-child, Shepard,"  his girlfriend Catherine Cooper finishes. Nothing cuter than a couple tag-teaming a comeback, right? "We are better than Charleston," Lyle declared. He also quipped to his pal Daniel, "You don't like Charleston because Shep lives there."

Charmer Hannah Pearson did attempt to put a softer spin on the blow, "Savannah is Charleston's scrappy little sister, not quite as perfect, but way more fun." Maybe W. Nelson Lewis, Jr., put it best saying, "Charleston's lovely, but Savannah is just the quintessential definition of Southern Charm." Hmm, we wonder what our Charleston pals have to say about that? Ball's in your court, Shep!

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