Wait, Ashley Borders Is the Reason Prince William and Kate Middleton Got Together?!

Find out what our newest Charmer had to do with this royal love connection.

Sothern Charm Savannah beauty Ashley Borders isn't your average Southern belle. From teenage-hood, she's been breaking the mold of what it is to be a successful woman. She began her career as a fashion designer at 16-years-old when other people were running off with their high school sweethearts, she was claiming international acclaim in fashion. And it was her early success that might have just brought the royal family together as we know it today. How you, ask? 

Well, at the beginning of her career Ashley was getting notoriety for her designs at a little college in Scotland known as St. Andrews - where Prince William attended. "Prince William was at the school at the time - and Kate Middleton. She was one of my models," Ashley explained. But it gets juicier! "She was wearing my clothing when he spotted her, saw her" the Georgia native spilled. 

So there you have it! Our own Charmer Ashley Borders set the stage for this enchanting real-life royal love story. Without her designs, would William have noticed Kate? Let's just say we're ordering an Ashley Borders frock right now...

Check out Ashley through the years before she moved back home to Savannah below: 

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