Shep Rose Gushes About His 4 Favorite Outdoor Activities in Charleston

Consider it your travel guide to the good life down south.

Southern Charm's Shep Rose wrote a love letter to the outdoors — and a love letter to the Lowcountry. 

In the Charleston-based paper The Post and Courier (that's the oldest paper in the South) he authored an homage to his favorite activities in a very special — if not the quantifiable best! — region of the country. "I can think of no better way to spend a day (or a few hours) than taking part in fishing, hunting, golfing, or surfing," he wrote in the piece. "And don't forget about kite boarding, windsurfing, camping, and kayaking. All these activities are readily available to those of us lucky enough to call the Lowcountry home."

Here's what he says about some of his very favorite activities to do outdoors in the Charleston area.

1.  Surfing

"While nobody would consider the South Carolina coast as a mecca of surfing, it was all I wanted to do in my early teens. A group of six friends and I had a little surf club... Countless summer and fall hours were spent in the ocean. Some of my closest friendships were forged floating in the surf. Looking back, there was and is another benefit to surfing. There are not many activities that are joyful and endorphin-producing while also being profoundly healthy and good for the body, mind, and soul. Surfing is indeed a rare and perfectly pure pursuit."

2.  Fishing

"Being out on the water is just a special feeling. The excitement and unadulterated joy of hooking and landing a big fish is hard to describe, especially when it's shared with a couple friends over beers in the sunshine. The fishing community here is very close."

3.  Hunting

"For me hunting is about family. My memories are of my dad taking me and my brother to our farm in Boykin, South Carolina, and teaching us about wildlife, guns, and safety, how to be a woodsman, and to eat what you kill. I've been through various phases of passion for hunting, but I still jump at the chance to participate in a dove or duck hunt and try to keep my freezer full of wild meat for the winter."

4.  Golfing

"Yes, golf is a bit bourgeoisie. But I grew up with a course in my backyard, and my mom's side of the family is extremely passionate about the game. And let's face it, the Carolina coast has made a small fortune and created a cottage industry off golf-based tourism. I still play whenever I can and follow the sport professionally. Charleston is home to several pro golfers and a few great courses, so its place in outdoor leisure and recreation is unassailable. Some of these courses are blessed with beautiful views of the marsh and humbling old oak trees. There is an interconnection to nature on the golf course, as there is when you're almost anywhere outside in the Lowcountry."

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