The Most Charming Town in America Is Not Charleston

Travelers have spoken... and the list might surprise you.

There's no question that Charleston is one of the most charming towns in America — readers of Travel + Leisure even ranked the South Carolina beauty as the best city in North America. But this time, the travel pub is out with a new ranking of America's Favorite Towns. And Charleston didn't even make the cut!

So which U.S. place topped the list? Well, it's Park City, Utah.

In-the-know travelers (and locals!) know that the city offers the perfect mix of snow and sunshine. Plus — atypical of charming, under-the-radar towns — it also offers a good chance of celeb sightings, thanks in part to its hosting duties for the famous Sundance Film Festival

In this year's America's Favorite Places survey, readers ranked cities and towns across the country on criteria like dining, shopping, and other traits... like smart-seeming locals! The top 30 winners all have populations under 100,000, and all shared certain qualities: friendly people, a relaxing vibe, and a vast number of small pleasures like bakeries, burgers, and wine bars.

Provincetown, Massachusetts and Sante Fe, New Mexico rounded out the top three.

It may surprise you that Atlantic City, New Jersey came in at number five for its nightclubs as well as its dining scene, including hidden gems like Chef Vola’s and the historic White House Subs. Also representing New Jersey, Cape May came in at number 15. Real Housewives of New Jersey, holler!

And representing The Real Housewives out on the West Coast was Orange County's Laguna Beach, which came in at number 24.

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