The Most Shocking Revelations From the Southern Charm Season 4 Reunion

Here is what was revealed at the Southern Charm reunion. P.S. Be sure to take the bonus poll at the end!

The Southern Charm reunion not only rehashed what went down this season, but also revealed the things we missed. Plus, we got to catch up with our Charmers to see where they are now. Here are the most shocking revelations from the season 4 reunion... 

1.  Chelsea and Austen Broke up

Southern Charm
Austen and Chelsea Spill the Tea on Their Relationship
We caught up with the pair at the reunion, hear what they have to say...

But maybe they can rekindle their romance in the future...

2.  Kathryn Reveals Why She Went to Rehab

Southern Charm
Kathryn Calhoun Dennis Reveals What She Went to Rehab For...
...which surprises Andy Cohen.
It's not for what you'd think.

3.  Kathryn and Thomas' Undeniable Chemistry Becomes Clear

Southern Charm
Kathryn and Thomas Open up About Their Feelings for Each Other
Andy Cohen says he’s sees fire whenever Thomas looks at Kathryn.
Sparks are flying across the couches!

4.  Shep Wants to Cut Down on the Drinking

Southern Charm
Should Shep Cut Down on His Drinking?
Shep reveals the fact that he hates that he doesn't have self-control.
After scaring Cameran Eubanks and even not making it onto the plane out of Key West, Shep realizes it might be time for a wakeup call.

5.  Is Shep or Craig the Drunk ***hole?

Southern Charm
Craig and Shep Clash at the Southern Charm Reunion
Things get heated when the friends come head to head.
As Andy Cohen put it, "You're both drunk ***holes!"

6.  Landon Says Her Personality Is Mistaken for Flirting

Southern Charm
Was Landon Flirty With Austen in Key West?
Landon says it's just her personality.
Kathryn seems like she'd say otherwise.

7.  Craig and Naomie Admit to Loving Cheese More Than Oral Sex

Southern Charm
Cheese or Oral Sex?
Andy Cohen gets to the bottom of Craig's love of cheese.
Which would you rather give up? Weigh in below!