When the Dishwasher Breaks … Patricia Altschul Knows Just What To Do

For the Southern Charm matriarch, it's the dog to the rescue.

Is there anything more “real life” than having an appliance go kaput on you? Nope. As someone who’s had everything from her ice maker to her furnace break, I can attest that when it happens you’re always caught off guard and the fix is never easy (or cheap).

But in true Patricia Altschul style, the Southern Charm matriarch isn’t sweating a broken dishwasher. In fact, she’s taking it in stride! Aaaand, she’s relying on her Pomeranian Roy for a little help when it comes to cleaning the dishes.

When the dishwasher is broken #roy the #pomeranian #southerncharm

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Oh to be Patricia! Next time my dishwasher breaks I’ll remember to keep my cool and call the dog over for a little assistance.  

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