Craig: A Big Change Might Be in the Works

Craig discusses his transition from law school student to real life lawyer and part-time model. What have you been up to since we saw you last?

Craig Conover: Studying for the bar exam...kind of. I've traveled a lot and started dipping my feet in the modeling world. The time for procrastinating is coming to a near, though, and studying full-time is a non-negotiable necessity. I'm starting to think a big change might be the only way to make this happen.

Now, it seems like I'm facing real work-life responsibility for the first time.

Craig Conover What has been the hardest part about adjusting to post-law school life?

CC: I think really just accepting the fact that "student life" is over. My responsibilities in the past have always just been passing an exam or turning a term paper in. Now, it seems like I'm facing real work-life responsibility for the first time. No longer is it only me who is affected by my actions, but instead the entire team I work with that is depending on me. I used to be able to cram the night before or pull all-nighters to get stuff done. Now, my responsibilities have to be done on time, or better yet early, so my team has a chance to do what they need done on it. It's really starting to hit me hard that I'm actually going to have to start sacrificing a lot of the social life that I've always been able to carry. Did you attend baby Kensington's first christening?

CC: No, unfortunately I was out of town at Fashion Week in New York. Fortunately, there was a second. Apparently those exist.


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