Everything you Need to Know About Southern Charm Before the Season 4 Premiere

16 things you should know before Southern Charm season 4 kicks off!

Southern Charm season 4 premieres on April 3 at 9/8c, but last night Bravo prepared you for the newest season by airing a Southern Charm: How They Got Here special which broke down the first three seasons. So in case you missed it and need a little refresher on what's gone down so far, here's everything you should know:

1. The cast all live, work, and play in Charleston, South Carolina.

2. Charleston is also referred to as Neverland, where sometimes growing up is hard to do and the partying never stops.

Southern Charm
Southern Charm: How They Got Here Act 1
Catch up on the first three seasons of Southern Charm.

3. We meet the Charmers for the very first time. Thomas Ravenel, a former politician who likes to "spend and make a lot of money" was indicted for conspiracy to distribute drugs (under 100 grams of cocaine) -- forcing him to resign from office. Aside for his passion for politics, Thomas also has a passion for women.

4. Cut to, Kathryn Calhoun Dennis arriving on the scene. This redheaded bombshell has a romantic fling with both Shepard "Shep" Rose and Thomas. When word comes out that Kathryn might be pregnant, Thomas wonders if Shep could be the dad?

Southern Charm
Is Shep the Daddy?
Thomas wants Shep to take a paternity test with him in the event that Kathryn is pregnant.

It ends up being a false alarm and Thomas could not be more thrilled.

5. Later in the season, Thomas' buddy, Whitney Sudler-Smith also reveals to Thomas that he too hooked up with Kathryn...making for one very messy situation.  

Southern Charm
Whitney Hooked up with Kathryn?
The mysterious third person Kathryn allegedly had relations with is revealed.

6. Meanwhile. Shep who got a business degree from Vanderbilt realizes he's more into ladies and hanging out than he is into working.
Southern Charm
Shep Strikes Out
Shep’s attempts to win over a potential girlfriend aren’t exactly well received...

7. And as if things couldn't take a more dramatic turn, by the end of season one, Kathryn and Thomas do have a baby together!
Southern Charm
Surprise! Thomas is a Dad...
...and Kathryn is the mother.


8. We find out that Cameran Eubanks has gotten married!

Southern Charm
Cameran Got Married?!
Get the scoop on the lucky guy and why you didn’t see him on the show.

9. Craig Conover graduates from law school, but didn't take the bar and struggles to find a balance between work and play...

Southern Charm
Craig Has a Hard Time Adjusting to Post-Grad Life
Now that Craig Conover is out of law school, he is struggling to balance his work and his social life.

10. Shep is still a ladies man.

Southern Charm
Shep Struggles With Commitment
According to Cameran Eubanks, it will take a special woman to make Shep Rose settle down.

11. Thomas and Kathryn continue to have a tumultuous relationship and as season two comes to a close Thomas finally reaches a breaking point and decides he just wants to be friends with Kathryn, leaving her literally chasing after him...

Southern Charm
Thomas Reaches His Breaking Point
Thomas finally realizes that Kathryn and him are better off as friends, but Kathryn still wants to fight for their relationship.


12. As season 3 kicks off Kathryn is pregnant again after her and Thomas have a brief "whirlwind romance" over the course of four days -- but the two finally call it quits...again.

Southern Charm
Kathryn and Thomas' Relationship Status
Kathryn Calhoun Dennis reveals her current relationship status with Thomas Ravenel.

13. Craig has moved back to Charleston after moving home for a few months and has returned with a new lady in his life and a renewed desire to work hard leading him to team up with JD.
Southern Charm
Craig Goes Into Business With JD
Craig Conover enters a new partnership with JD.

14. While Cameran tries to address her fears of having children, Kathryn and Thomas welcome their second child into the world, a new baby boy.

Southern Charm
Introducing St. Julien Rembert Ravenel
Kathryn Calhoun Dennis and Thomas Ravenel welcome their son to the world.

15. Landon Clements comes clean about her feelings for Shep, but the feelings aren't exactly mutual.

Southern Charm
Shep Reacts to Landon's Love Confession
Shep Rose is left speechless when Landon Clements reveals that she loves him.

16. By the end of the season Kathryn is furious at the idea of Thomas and Landon being friends and believes that they have hooked up, which they both adamantly deny, but the season leaves us off on a cliffhanger when Landon's friend asks Shep if he thinks "Landon's going to admit that she slept with Thomas?" (!!!)
Southern Charm
Did Landon Hook up With Thomas?
That's what Kathryn believes!

Which brings us to season 4...and we have so many questions! So don't forget to tune in on April 3 at 9/8c for an all-new dramatic season of Southern Charm.

In the meantime watch the full How They Got Here episode on Bravotv.com.

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