How Not To Die While Repairing Your House With Craig Conover

Let this Charmer show you a thing or two about home improvement. 

Craig Conoverhas taken on some new projects that have raised a few eyebrows among the cast of Southern Charm, including his knack for home repairs. While not every Charmer understands his new interest, Craig decided to run with his projects and even provide a little how-to for those interested in home improvement. 

But in true Craig style, this is not just a plain, boring tutorial. He'll teach you how to prevent mold from spreading throughout your house and killing you, as well as fixing water damage. He's a true Southern gentleman, even when it comes to instructional videos. Check out some of his quick tips in the videos above and below.

Southern Charm
How to Fix Water Damaged Floors With Craig Conover
“Don’t get mold and die.”

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